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Dug Bayonets
Note: Many of these bayonets are coated with varnish. That was how the old timers, like Billy Spedale, conserved their relics. The varnish can be easily removed with paint stripper if you so desire. All of these bayonets were dug By Billy Spedale at Port Hudson, with the exception of DSB 20.

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DB-3 Here is a nice bargain on a dug bayonet from Port Hudson. Legendary Louisiana Relic Hunter, Billy Spedale dug this in the late 1970’s. It is literally one of hundreds he dug on the battlefield and in Union and C.S. camps. This one would be perfect except it was broken in the middle of the blade. Billy had it brazed back together then coated it with varnish like all of his iron relics back in the day. The socket, ring and shoulder are in fine shape as is the tip. If the varnish were removed and the brazing ground down a bit and the bayonet cleaned and properly conserved you would never know it had been broken. Fine relic from a Historic Battle. $90.00

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DB-4 A very nice example of a dug Enfield Bayonet from the Port Hudson Battlefield. This one also dug by Billy Spedale back in the late 1970’s. This is a nice piece! Good socket and ring, nice shoulder at the blade junction, and a nice but “wavy” blade. It looks like just a very tiny piece of the tip broke off or rusted away. Coated with varnish like most of Billy’s iron relics but a much lighter coat. $115.00

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NDB-5  This is a tough to find bayonet when you need it! This is for the .71 Caliber Potsdam Musket which was used at the Battle of Shiloh by both the Union and the Confederacy. We know because parts and pieces of these muskets have been dug there. This is a non-dug bayonet from my personal collection. I have collected these over the years, matching them up with muskets when I needed one. It has an unusual mounting device that fits over a spring at the mussle of the musket. A nicely marked example with a good strong socket and blade. $145.00

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DB-2 This is a beautiful condition dug Model 1816 Springfield Bayonet. It was recovered by Legendary Louisiana Relic Hunter and Historian Billy Spedale behind the Confederate lines. Billy also recovered a number of Model 1816 muskets as well. This particular dug bayonet is in very good condition with a very thin coat of varnish on the iron. The socket has a break right where it slipped over the sight. A great relic from a historic battle dug by one of the greatest Relic Hunters of all time.  $125.00


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