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Confederate Relic found by Richard AngelicoMy name is Richard Angelico... welcome to Cayenne Metal Detectors - Purveyor of XP Deus wireless detector, Garrett & Whites detectors. The finest metal detectors & accessories available for Relic Hunting, Coin Shooting, Treasure Hunting or Gold Prospecting. Personalized service and support from a successful, experienced detectorist. Where Quality & Performance is Paramount!

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1. XP has just completed a series of 10 DEUS Instruction Videos.
These field instruction videos are all uploaded to YouTube for easy sharing..
You can see all of the videos at this link:

You can see each of the individual videos and topics at the links below:

Vol 1: Introduction to the XP DEUS

Vol 2: XP DEUS WS4 Starter Bundle Comparison

Vol 3: XP DEUS Accessories

Vol 4: XP DEUS Signal Recognition

Vol 5: XP DEUS Audio Response and Sensitivity

Vol 6: XP DEUS Ground Balance and Discrimination

Vol 7: XP DEUS Understanding Reactivity

Vol 8: XP DEUS Silencer Guide

Vol 9: XP DEUS Tones

Vol 10: XP DEUS Top Tips by XP Metal Detectors

XP Deus Specifications

XP Deus Product Sheet

XP Deus Manual

XP Deus Field Test Part 1
XP Deus Field Test Part 2

XP Deus Field Test #2


XP DEUS Locates 13 Gram Gold Nugget in Africa!

New Prospecting Video with the Deus

Unboxing The Deus Metal Detector

Deus XP—Setup, Conductivity, & Reactivity Testing

E-trac vs Xp deus nail+coin test with stock coils

XP Deus - Some Speedy Set Up Short Cuts

XP Deus Deep Targets in ground

More Amazing Deus Success Stories

Second Time Out With New DEUS Scores 1859-S Gold Eagle!

Old Gold Found On the Beach

Lone Star Lovin' It!

Over Hunted Out Pasture

Two Recent DEUS Real Finds Success Stories:
- Barber Dime on edge by Michael Marvinny Danville, VA
- DEUS is a Jewelry Magnet by Robert Rysgaard Robbinsdale, MN

1. DEUS Gold Prospecing Find - Four Gold Nuggets Totaling 15.7 Grams in Australia

Reports are starting to come in from users around the world with DEUS 3.1 success stories. The new Gold Prospecting program approaches nugget hunting from a fresh perspective using IAR (Iron Amplitude Rejection). More detailed information on IAR, an exciting nugget hunting success story and other promotional items are covered in this update.

2. DEUS Gold Prospecting Details

The GOLD FIELD program uses a different detection strategy designed to handle highly mineralized ground containing targets such as gold nuggets. In these ground conditions, small, low-conductive targets are often seen as ground noise or iron, especially when they are deeply buried. To go deeper in these difficult conditions, the GOLD FIELD program uses a true All Metal mode allowing you to accept a whole zone of ground that is usually rejected (Full Range). Rather than rejecting all the ground values below the setting (as on conventional detectors), this new program rejects only the current value of the ground.

3. DEUS 3.1 Beach Hunting User Video

Here is a nicely done user video showing the stability of 3.1 on a salt water beach. Feel free to share:

4. Testing the XP DEUS Large Search Coil by Marc Hirschmann



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